The first example of Adult Adolescence from the Bible is Adam, who set a pattern that humans have followed ever since. Adam was deceived into thinking the fruit and the knowledge it offered were better than a relationship with God. When Adam took the forbidden fruit, he denied God’s sovereignty, and sinned against Him. When God wanted Adam to accept responsibility for his actions, Adam refused, and lost the manhood God had given him.  Adam was distracted to the point that he tried to hide from the God who made him and ultimately was dislocated from the garden God had provided.

The final destruction came in the form of spiritual death, for Adam and all his offspring forever. Another example is an adulterer who is deceived into thinking no one will know, denies doing anything wrong, is distracted in mind by the illicit, is dislocated physically by going where he should not, and eventually destroys the marital relationship.  How to act like an adult:

* Admit the truth. Denial is a barrier that prohibits cures, healing, help, and salvation of every kind.

* Say NO to sin. Sin promises to serve and to please but in reality enslaves and dominates your mind and body.

* Learn from observation. Not all lessons have to be learned by experience. Learn from your family, history, and the Bible.

* Accept responsibility. Be a man – or woman – as God intended, doing what is right, turning things around, living by standards set by Jesus. Take a mature stand for Christ, for justice, for what is right and true.

* Grow. You don’t have to be the same person you were when you were 16, 20, or 40. Christians are to grow up as mature people, able to speak God’s Word, understand His truths, and think His thoughts from His Word.

* Quit being childish. When you don’t get your way – in traffic, the office, at home – you don’t need to pull a tantrum like a preschooler. Seek understanding with your fellow man, decide beforehand to display good behavior.

Dr Dale Ackley

Author: A Shepherd's Voice

Dale Ackley is an Ordained Bishop with the Church of God (Cleveland, TN.) and works with the pastors in California in the area of Ministerial Care. He has an earned doctorate in Psychology and Counseling and an earned doctorate in Ministry. He married the love of his life in 1967 and has two grown sons and four grandchildren. He and his wife Kathy reside in Fresno, CA.

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